Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aero Evo

Greetings everyone!  Just a quick note that on April 4th I launched a new blog, called Aero Evo.

I will still be posting here to H2VP, of course.  Aero Evo fulfills a different sort of niche.  First and foremost, I will be specifically discussing animal flight - particularly the evolution of flight (as opposed to all manner of biomech topics here at H2VP).

The format is also going to be different from H2VP. I have designed this blog to be a rapid-fire, regularly updated feed.  I expect to post something almost every day (holidays and such excepted, of course). Posts will typically be short - when I have something more lengthy to say, I will link over to H2VP or  In this way, it falls within the realm of so-called "micro-blogging", though not as extreme as things like Twitter (I also have a Twitter account, incidentally, called aeroevo).


  1. I will still be posting here to H2VP, of course.

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