Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to H2VP!

This blog is dedicated to discussions and news related to vertebrate paleontology, particularly animals from the Mesozoic (dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and others). This blog links two coasts: it is the work of Justin Hall from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and Michael Habib from Chatham University in Pittsburgh.

All fossils, including dinosaurs and pterosaurs were once living animals, rather than just the pile of bones we see today. We are interested in broad scale questions and in trying to understand how extinct animals behaved and looked. While these are difficult questions to answer, we try to formulate questions about behavior and appearance that can actually be tested by hypothesis driven science. We focus primarily on reconstructing the form and behavior of Mesozoic vertebrates, using comparative anatomy and biomechanics. Our blog will feature our own attempts to resolve these questions, plus relevant papers, animations and blogs of our friends and colleagues.

The writing will generally combine both technical pieces and more informal commentary. Expect a light-hearted approach to many topics, but be forewarned that we have both been trained as professional scientists and had any ounce of creative writing ability pounded out of us long since.
-JTH and MBH

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