Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dinosaur Revolution

This Sunday, starting at 9:00PM, Discovery Channel will air the first episodes of their new dinosaur miniseries, "Dinosaur Revolution".  I have been consulting on this show for the last 18 months.  The main page for the show can be found at:

I appear briefly in a couple of the episodes, but my primary involvement was in advising on the models and animations.  The show primarily uses CGI, with limited "talking heads" and narration components.  There are some well known dinosaurs, but there are also quite a few species that are often overlooked and a number of featured Mesozoic animals beyond dinosaurs (pterosaurs, mosasaurs, mammals, etc).  I was primarily involved with the formulation of the pterosaur models.  The art director, David Krentz, is one of my favorite paleoartists, and an outstanding person to boot - his involvement has really helped shape this production into a stunning show.  Check it out this weekend!



  1. Just getting the word out: I have heard from the producer that the network heads will delay episodes 3 & 4 so that they won't be on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. I'll let people know what the final date is.

  2. Correction to the correction: it will be on The Science Channel, not Discovery.

  3. Thanks for the updates! Just to clarify for readers: Tom Holtz and I are basically getting this information on the fly from the producers, so there was a bit of a scramble and some uncertainty. The current word is 9:00PM, September 13th, on the Science Channel.